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    September 20, 2012
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after orbiting our planet four thousand 671 times it takes to this guy's one more time everything you need to know about endeavour's flight over.
the small bay area magazine that rocked the presidential campaign the long history and explosion of mother jones their rights going on, people attacking cars one month into the school year bay area neighborhood that says it is under siege by college students we begin tonight a developing story in san francisco police officer shot a suspect after 8:00 p.m. tonight and 14th street near mission and south of and as two plainclothes officers confronted two men one of those men pulled out a gun the man who pulled out the weapon was shot twice in taken to hospital. we'll pass on any new information on the newscast and more at 11 on cbs 5. driver of an s u v and went out of control it a pedestrian
and slammed into a restaurant this happened at 5:00 p.m. on fourth street downtown san rafael as the farmer's market was setting up, unclear how the s u v ended up inside the restaurant a 78 rolled woman was get pushed into the restaurant and trapped under the vehicle she was pulled out and take into marin general hospital. no word on air-conditioned. the street was closed to traffic except vendors the farmers' market when on a scheduled the restaurant was closed at the time of the crash no one was inside except someone cleaning up she was not hurt in less than 12 hours shuttle endeavor seen in the bay area it landed at edwards air force base aboard the piggyback 747 this afternoon in tomorrow morning it takes one last flight
around northern california before its permanent home the california at science center museum in los angeles. shuttle has ever been to northern california before nasa says you should be able to use see the shuttle everywhere all over the bay area but will fog be a problem we check in with meteorologist paul deanno and the best spots to see endeavor 24 hours ago at what that man a problem then move the fly over to a letter signed between 930 and 10:30 a.m. the forecast should be fine the shuttle will go flyby over sacramento area at 930-, endeavor passes over the chabot space and science center and, if both of those prime viewing areas it as a couple of loops over the bay at passing low over the golden gate bridge
and into nasa ames and then over san jose and monterey bay aquarium ever body in the bay area will get a chance to seek the low-flying space shuttle. future cast predicts some cloud cover moving and at around four or 5:00, the onshore flow not as strong as the fog will burn off earlier by 10:00 we should be clear, it is a great idea they'd allow the flight when our taking things later tomorrow below the cloud cover will burn off, looking at a 40 percent chance of good viewing and now looking at an 80 percent chance of good viewing. people are excited to see the shuttle at close range. i cannot imagine anything better than the golden gate bridge i'm excited @ a lot of people will get their tomorrow morning anull happens once during this is the
best place to watch it fly over why not the golden gate, 1,500 ft. up gelatinize viewing if you want more details of the locations and times go to cbs s f dot com click on shuttle link. the last few hundred over our home. and 11 year-old boy expected to recover after being shot while he slept gunfire left more than one dozen holes in his oakland home bullet sliced through all and door before hitting 11 year-old luis hernandez in the chest his brother was sleeping next to him during it hurts and i know ed hurts as said stay strong he had a white t-shirt with blood all
over it took for surgery's but he was stabilize, based upon the number of rounds fired police are convinced the home was targeted the do not know why. the family wants to leave the neighborhood. latest on the violence comes one day and after a report by the oakland police department, the words are straightforward: oakland does not have a citywide crime reduction plan " why not? joe vasquez with more what are your thoughts that we don't have a citywide crime fighting strategy he said very clearly in the report no citywide strategy we have many strategy's many different parts are different is is viewed as comical, not, go for the officers out there struggling i ask the president of the police union to get answers from
city leaders is that not a priority to have a citywide crime reduction plan? it is a priority and something that will not be completed in 46 weeks we have to lay out a work plan much of the time here on speech less there is not a crime reduction plan in this town because city leaders don't take crime and protecting the citizens seriously. when i read the sentence that the city does not have a plan the top of my head almost blow up but she's said she found out it was an internal miscommunication the counsel was asking for a plant that cover the geography of the city, the administration is interpreted as meaning we were asking what were the city- wide compartments and distributor, that is not what we
are asking the police department says it will file another report clarifying what that meant by city-wide was the involvement of other city departments to help cops fight crime. they do have a crime-fighting plan and nine. strategy detailed in the report. one police source described it as a hodgepodge of operations and ideas hardly a comprehensive city plan. joe vasquez cbs 5 a small bay area based magazine that change the national conversation on the presidential race, mother jones has been around awhile, after releasing this a good record and video of mitt romney elizabeth cook on how they got the scoop and why the infamous #47 not a bad thing for mr. romney today. the republican nominee pulled even with mr. obama in
today's gallup poll the are tied at 47% both candidates spent the day trying to tip the scales in florida the president was pressed on his failed promise to deliver comprehensive immigration reform. a promise is a promise with all due respect you did not keep the promise here's what i would say, which had this conversation before there is a thinking the president is somebody who was all-powerful and get everything done you cannot change washington from the inside it can only changes from the outside speaking to seniors in sarasota mitt romney's sought his opportunity and pounced. he can bill in his slogan was yes we can his slogan out is " no i can't " time for a new
president one of the for us breck's romney had from his questions about comments captured on a secret video in may, and some say a game changer mother jones magazine has at 150,000 views on its web site to over a million and a matter of seconds and. been awhile since i sprinted through the news room but there was the pall the contour of broadcast news where running around to various computers make sure things came together and the co editor of mother jones magazine sitting on the story for weeks we negotiated the exclusivity and making sure we're comfortable with the source and he was comfortable with us. they're going to wait until tuesday to release the video but pressure from competitors put it into overdrive when you there's a potential
for people to think something had been selectively added it basically blow up as soon as the put it out there found under a freeway in san francisco 36 years ago now the johns are rich history of investigative journalism with uncovered other big political stories the magazine was named after the famous union organizer at the turn of the century mayor harris also known as mother jones known as a liberal read but she insists that don't favor political parties during first and foremost we are journalists if we had something this exclusive about president obama no problem running that we would have chase that story just as hard. mother jones pays the bill
with generous donations and ad sales but after the story broke donations have been up some and dropped off a check for a couple hundred dollars at their washington d.c. office. elizabeth cook cbs 5 apple fanatics lined up outside and apple store i run a bay area took a nap a new i phone 5 the latest version goes on sale at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow and the lines are forming. they started yesterday at. some outside the store told cbs 5 they're getting paid by companies or individuals to weigh in on one person who was second in line has been camped out since 6:00 p.m. last night a cut of order the a phone online but that is not the same experience, to be camping out and wait for something that experience of camping and having fun
the i phone has set new records for advance sales topping 2 million pre orders in 24 hours, more than double the amount of spring orders for the apple for s they are just a few of the extracurricular that often come with higher learning you can see kids urinating all over neighbor's houses which you want this bill and on your street the bay area neighborhood running out of patience if you drive electric can you find enough to use
the school's motto is for the greater glory of god and neighbors say got please make it stop. they say the party scene near santa clara university campus never sell out of control the noisemakers call tell cbs 5 the police are giving them a pass video shows off-campus parties in as they happen around santa clara university never was close to campus shows some of the aftermath i've never seen that many human beings in one house she describes the rest you see kids urinating all over and on the industry and trash liquor bottles, it is a
problem neighbors close to the campus of all is said to deal with the occasional run because party and of the said the parties our super sized, louder later and more often john joseph has a police log for all the times cops are called to the rental home behind his house all of a sudden it sounds like you're at a football game were in college and you want to party that happens. students admit parties are getting out of control last night rights going on, people were attacking cars which is not what santa clara and our party scene wants to portray police say they crack down there were arrests for drunken public and citations giving out for minor possession of alcohol and nets of enforcement.
would we be treated differently if we were nine university students causing the same ruckus absolutely, we are getting patted a little bet the we deserve it i don't know, it helps len ramirez cbs 5 the bay area has become of of the electric vehicles many drivers rory their aunt another charging stations to keep the car is running, john ramos shows us up and angeles company's secured for range and siding. the vehicle charging station and crissy field is popular with the lead to car owners he plugged his car in and then convinces others they should tell you go to a friend's house and plugged in and spend the weekend a lot of people have their doubts about electric cars that travel less than 100 mi. that is
called " range and anxiety " the fare to run out of juice is real but you plugged in when you get home by roy still need research charging stations will be available for this north helps to fill the niche his company developed a mobile app called plug share that identifies public charges sides all over the country from businesses to private homes when you're go there five hundred stations now there are 11,000. if you drove by this alley would not know you can plugged in this hour rides and san francisco the business that allows anyone to applaud and the owner and does it to help the environment but says there is a sound business reason a person who needs the charge if they're getting their car charged in your shop there likely to walk again on sunday crissy field the
site of national plugged in that an effort to introduce the public to the electric car and put fears to rest. it is a process john ramos cbs 5 the weekend there will be a 5 degree temperature spread will talk about which day is warmer right now and not that warmer as look outside clear skies 60 in oakland san francisco at 55, san jose and livermore 59, will used doppler radar all winter long right now still dry foggy cloudy at the coast overnight at 53. cloudy to start and will burn off the cloud cover by 8 or 9:00. watching this an area of low pressure but now it is moving to
the north that will continue tomorrow off the washington coast line, less of the onshore flow means earlier sunshine and more sunshine and warmer weather. warmest day of the week to will be tomorrow. the skies all clear earlier tomorrow, friday the mothers day of the week. if you're making plans saturday is the warmer choice of the two days. san jose is 8 degrees below normal. campbell high as 75 during low to mid '80s for san ramon during concord at 85. 74 @ san rafael. extended forecast calls for upper 80's saturday low 80's o
the forecast for the rest
of 2012 cbs news reporter chip reid looks at what we can expect for the months ahead the ice cover the arctic ocean has been melting quickly the polar ice cap the smallest it has been since satellite record-keeping began 30 years ago this was the ice cap in 1980 now it is half that size the remaining ice is thinner making it likely to melt next summer. david robinson a climatologist says the record melting ice was shattered in 2007 we thought it might be the record for quite a law and now five years later will shatter the record we seek loss of sea ice i thought we would never say he says the arctic could be as free before the previous estimate of 2015, that is bad news for polar bears but also could mean extreme weather for much of the northern hemisphere.
which might change the pattern of the jet stream it might flow farther to the north and be more whiny and twisty during that could generate more storms and greater temperature extremes for the first eight months that 33 states that all time rackers for ever chais scientists say that trend is likely to continue through dec. making this the warmest year on record in the midwest and northeast. one piece of good news scientists say if the jet stream becomes more wind the and twisty that could mean more rain for the south and southwest after years of
a starter brett anderson will miss the remainder of the regular season. a strike to avoid a sweep in detroit and during their rule that a triple. a's went 12-4 daily by four and one-half games over the angels. the whattya fined him $50,000, he's a former 49ers bruce bochy was showing us in the fourth from the left side of the plate for his support were one and no with that and we may have to brag about everyday a pleasure to follow the team this year posey the ndp
alex is a huge giants fan giants and the playoffs a's an ,,,,